What is new in HuaqiangBei front street

Huaqiangbei is originally started with electronic component and part trading from 1980s and 1990s, and then consumer products like DVD players, MP3 players, Desktop computers and parts were also being sold very well in late 1990 and early 2000, and then traditional cell phones were sold here, Nokia were very popular here, and then copy Nokia and some Shanzhai(copy) phones were the dominated business here, before the online shopping became popular, Huaqiangbei had been the hub between the manufacturers and distributors.

And now Taobao/T-Mall, DJ.com are the major players in the online business, and a lot of people don’t need to come to Huaqiangbei for shopping, then how can Huaqiangbei still be in business?


There are still things that you can’t just buy online, you can’t eat online, you can’t fix your phones online, so Huaqiangbei becomes a food and repair street.


Repair in Chinese’s symbols (characters) is “维修”, you can see a lot of these symbols when you come to Huaqiangbei. Any one of the pictures below has more than 12 pieces of “Repair”, some can be up to 30 pieces of “维修”



cell phone repair center 4Cell phone repair center 1Cell phone repair center 2cell phone repair center 3


What I am trying to sell is that there is nothing that can make money with, only cell phone repair is some kind of business that is still helping Huaqiangbei to survive, because Huaqiangbei still attracts a lot of people especially the tourists from China and overseas, and it is well known that you can fix your phone/computer/camera here, it is not only about the repair centers here, but more importantly, there are a lot of spare parts available here, you can get your phone fixed very quick in a good price.

Since there are more and more people competing in the repair business, it becomes very difficult for them to survide now. Unless there are some new invovations coming to the market, Huaqiangbei will be more and more difficult.

Common scams/tricks in Shenzhen China

1. Illegal Taxi drivers.

When you arrive, be sure to use normal public taxi, an legal taxi nees to have be printed differently and have a sign on the top with light, it can be read in the urbans area or green in the suburban areas, and you can find blue taxi as well. The illegal taxi are just some normal private cars and the taxi drivers will try to take you to their cars while legal taxi drivers will not do that, youi need to find the legal taxi on your own. The illegal taxi drivers will charge you much more.

You can also user Uber in Shenzhen to order a taxi, those cabs are just private cars but they are regulated so it is safe.


2. Attactive young girls that take you to some specific restaurants or bars to drive and eat.

It is no problem to drive and eat in some chains restaurants like McDonalds’ or Starbucks, in most of the cases, when you eat with some girls, men need to pay for what they order, and sometimes the girls leave when you eat without saying goodbye to you and you need to pay for what they order.

Kingii Wearable Saves you from Drowning by its inflatable airbag

I believe that the original design is from Kingii, but right now in the markets of Shenzhen gadgets, these floatation devices for swimmers are available to purchase.


When you compare the prices on Amazon, you will find that it is from 50 to 80 USD but in the market it is only 15 USD in cost.


This is very important for swimming beginners to wear it like a wristband, when you are in touble, you can just activate it and the gasbag will inflat and you will float up and be rescured by yourself.


The problem with this device is that it is almost impossible to ship the cartridge that have CO2






You can also see how it works from a Youtube video


What is the hottest item in the market of Shenzhen

If you still remember the hottest items in 2015/2016, you will say that the selfie sticker in 2015 is very hot, the magnet stand for your cell phones placed in car is one of the hottest item in 2016, in the same year 2016, another hot item in 2016 was the Karaoke microphone with speaker that goes with your phone via Bluetooth, 


The hottest item at the moment is the fidget spinner, also called spinner on finger tip, almost every one in the market is selling this item, no matter what they sold before, here is one guy who sell cooler fan before, and now he changes his focus 

I can see that one booth is warning their suppliers and factories not to keep too many of the materials in stock because the sales of spinner is getting worse and worse, a couple months ago, the factories for this item were way too busy and now there are just too many of these factories. 

You can see the prices are getting lower and lower. 

The change in Mingtong market of Huaqiangbei 

I haven’t been here in Mingtong for a few years even though that we are so close to the market, I thought it would die soon but I was very surprised that some of the resellers of the Chinese copy phones are still in business, a lot of the booths are not used at all though. A half of the markets have been changed to be the booths that sell new gadgets, cell phone accessories and etc. But since very few people know about the change, the traffic of victors is very small.

A lot of these open warehouse/shops/office in Mingtong Digital can help online resellers do dropship service, the sellers on the ecommerce platform like Amazon, Taobao, eBay can ask them to ship customers’ orders.  

Shenzhen Huaqiang North: Growing pains of China Electronics First Street

Shenzhen Huaqiang North: Growing pains of China Electronics First Street


Shenzhen Huaqiang North, China Electronics First Street, is undergoing a transformation and upgrading pains.

As the largest distribution center of electronic products in Asia, it repeatedly suffered profits decline, empty shop tide, flow reduction because of road blocking or closures and other crises in recent years. According to the informations to the media revealed from Lin Weidong, director of Huaqiang North institute, Futian branch, Shenzhen market supervision administration in 2015, the lowest rental rate of some of Shopping Mall in the region even dropped to 30%. But in the heyday of the Huaqiang North, it was once “hard to find a shop”.

Except the crisis, Huaqiang North also experienced various baptism such as e-commerce impact, intellectual propert enhancement and city upgrading. All these make it’s old development pattern facing transformation.

However, it’s also a place of great vitality. On the Pearl River delta 2.0 Forum in Shenzhen and Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture at the beginning of this year, Chen Yanping, dean of architecture and city planning college of Shenzhen University, said that the planning in Huaqiang North constantly compromise and concessions, and by means of the government and the market cooperate, something new will be always to enter Huaqiang North.


Efforts to move from the downstream to upstream

On the China electronic information Expo in this year, Ma Xingrui, Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary, introduced that Shenzhen electronic information industry accounted for nearly one-sixth of the country’s output value in 2015.

The predecessor of Huaqiang North is Shenzhen Shangbu Industrial Zone. Li Xiaojiang, Former president of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, said that space like this not only in the city center but also low-cost, is the source and soil of urban innovation. In the new round of development in China, we should try to retain such space.

At the tenth China HI-TECH Fair in 2008, Huaqiang North has won the title of “China Electronics First Street”, where the mobile phone is one of the important industries. Reporter in Twenty-first Century Economic News recently quoted the introduction of industry Association of Shenzhen, said the mobile phone shipments of Huaqiang North up to more than 100 million per year, and the shipments to domestic market accounted for ten to twenty percent of the country.

In addition, for creative teams from all over the world, rich categories of electronic components makes Huaqiang North almost become synonymous with “hardware paradise”, and this has also become a natural advantage of current attracting many of hardware entrepreneurs in Shenzhen.

However, the old model of Huaqiang North has been in trouble. Recently, the reporter visited the Huaqiang North area. In some markets, the sight was still crowded and cluttered. Such as the counter was littered with all kinds of electronic accessories, and some shops and counters posted notices for lease.

The challenge for Huaqiang North right now is how to move “from downstream to upstream”. An objective fact is that Huaqiang North has not completely get rid of the “low-end” store image. A market manager told the Twenty-first Century Economic News reporter, that the old mobile phone recycling businesses he knows have been having fewer and fewer customers, and the profit of per unit have been reduced to even only 20 yuan.


Behind the transformation: the industrial chain remains

Wang Xiaofei, the general manager of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World Co., Ltd, said that in the face of economic downturn, e-commerce impact, road closures which because of subway construction and other heavy attack, rental rates and rental prices are falling, and the transformation of Huaqiang North is more of a forced move.

Whether it is because of the decline of traditional stores on account of the internet impact, or to conform to the development upgrade of the whole city of Shenzhen, the transformation of Huaqiang Northis is a necessity of the times.

However, Wang Ning, the vice president of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, stressed that the transformation should not be become “transferring job”, the transformation of Huaqiang North should be a upgrade of trade way.


· Liu Zhiyong, vice deputy head of Futian District, Shenzhen, said that Huaqiang North is not just a place to sell things, but also an industrial circle and a distribution center where can contact production and sales, and many businesses and electronic components manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta has formed a very closed relationship. Liu Zhiyong also said that“E-commerce can never replace industrial manufacturing, the capacity of industrial manufacturing is the unique advantages that Huaqiang North should keep.”

The most reliable phone holder on your car air vent

Some people might believe that the magnetic holders are the best, I would not say magnetic holder is the best, if it is not strong enough, the phones will come off when there is some vibration when you drive.

Here I am going to introduce one car holder that I believe is the most reliable.

car holder on air vent 1_1

Obviously it is very stylish and you can see how it works from the pictures below.

This is a good looking car holder that is very reliable and stable on the car and it is not going to block your view

car holder on air vent 2_2


It is good for most of the cell phone models, the width ranges from 50mm to 100mm, it is good for cell phone with a screen from 3 inch to 6.3 inch.

car holder on air vent 3-3


Here are 2 animation GIF pictures to better show you how it works, your phone will be held very tightly, it will not easily fall down even when the roads bump so much.

car holder on air vent 4 how it works

car holder on air vent 5 how it works


You can see from the below picture that it will not block your view because it is placed on the air vent.

car holder on air vent 6 how it looks with phone on car


Here you can see the knob in the middle that you can rotate it in different angles.

car holder on air vent 7_7 all parts

Maker Economy Boosts Huaqiangbei’s Upgrading

In the past, cell phones and laptops were the leading roles in Huaqiangbei business. However, this year, their golden places are being replaced by drones, robots and some smart wearable products.



Robert researched and developed by Huaqiangbei makers




Huaqiangbei markers introducing Drones

Maker economy is bringing a new light into the development of Huaqiangbei and providing positive energies for its upgrading. Suppliers here used to compete for rich resources and low prices, but now, they aim to compete in numerous innovations and wisdom.

It is expected that Shenzhen is going to be an international maker center.

725107371642574589 852395027756333130..

To makers, Huaqiangbei has unique core competences.

  1. Graphical location: located in the markets of the hottest electronics and production  goods.
  2. Landmark symbols: SEG, Huaqiang Plaza.
  3. Industrial Accumulation: the ability to integrate resources for electronic industry upstreams and downstreams.
  4. Quality Resources: home to a number of influential A share listed companies.
  5. Chained Electronic markets: gathering numerous electronic markets from all over  China.

Right now, Huaqiangbei has become the focus of makers. Going forward, it still needs gradual upgrading and strives for more core competences to be the leader in this field.

Boosted by maker economy, the upgrading Huaqiangbei is in no doubt stepping up it innovations. While insisting on improving innovation service environment as well as ecological environment, we keep on bringing its unique value and charms into play, attracting the attention from makers at home and abroad.


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Water Quality Pen Helps you Know Your Water

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As we know, our daily water may look pure, but in fact, there could be plenty of  impurities there. In this case, a good water quality pen comes in handy. Of all the water quality pens on the market, xiaomi brand seems to stand out. Now let’s take a look at its pictures.

5 2

As we can see, this xiaomi water quality pen is light, handy and beautifully designed. According to WTO standards, TDS( total dissolved solids) less than 600 is appropriate/good. If it is over 1000, it is not suitable to drink any more.

3  4

With two replaceable batteries inside, the pen could test from 0 to 9990. What’s more, it has low power consumption and it turns off automatically in two minutes if is not being used. In addition, made of titanium, the probe is precise, antirust and antiseptic.

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