Fill-Light Makes Your Selfie Clearer

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Have you ever wish that, if only I had better light when taking selfies?

Well, now you have a solution—Fill-light

Here are how the fill-light looks like:

overall 3

However good your camera is, yet sometimes it fees like the light is just not right! For example, when you are in KTV, gathering party, bar, rainy day or at night time, the light for camera is always not good enough. You could compare the effects of the two pictures below:

b a2b a

The fill-light can work with smart phones( including Android, IOS and WP system), digital camera, tablet, notebook, action camera, etc.

There are four light bulbs inside each fill-light. The color temperature is 5600k, and color index is 80, which meet the criterion of international standards of high class shooting equipment. Lighting levels are adjustable for different settings. With the batteries inside, it doesn’t need power from your phones or other equipment. What’s more, it could be used as flashlight or emergency light.

Tempted by the fill-light? 6 colors of them are available. Contact us to and find out which are your favorite!

overall 2  overall



Drones Made an Appearance at ICIF

The 11th ICIF, short for The China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair,  just had its opening ceremony in the morning of 14th May. The exhibition will last for five days. It is said that 2286 domestic exhibitors and 40 overseas counterparts have set up their booths. In addition, 18542 buyers from abroad have signed up for this, coming from 97 countries and territories.

The newly built maker community exhibition is one of the selling points. This ICIF makes efforts to establish a maker reveals exchange platform and makes the main Hall NO. 2 maker space pavilion. Covering more than 400 square meters, the Hall NO.2 is the featured sector. It gathers many creative agencies, including Aiken the wheat reaper, Firewood maker space and so on, all of which will show their key products during this exhibition.

While the passage between Hall NO.2 and NO. 1 is for student makers from Shenzhen university or other shenzhen colleges. Their main creative products are, among others, robots, drones,intelligent wearable, smart device. The creative reveals of the student makers not only add more colors to the exhibition, but also shows the thriving trend of shenzhen makers.

Mr. Qian, head of shenzhen sports tourism, said, we are trying to make shenzhen an international makers center. With this dream in our mind, makers will become the new highlights in shenzhen’s future creative economy and culture, whether it is speaking from the national strategy or from the reality of shenzhen.

At the same time, this exhibition area is displaying the social ecosystem of makers, including maker’s work process and circle, providing a maker growth path for entrepreneurs, a resource exchange platform for suppliers and buyers, a chain for makers to make their products commercialized.

Creative products such as 3D printers, mini quadcopters, time machine, mini machine tool that is both a tool and a toy, will definitely bring fresh experience to visitors. The mini drone quadricopter, which is as big as a palm, is especially designed for indoor flying and filming.

The pictures followed are makers demonstrating their 3D printing skills on the spot. The doll is printed by a 3D printer.

QQ截图20150516171023 QQ截图20150516170948  QQ截图20150516171036

iPhone 6 back covers are available in 3 colors

As soon as the new models of iPhone has been available for 6 months, people start to look for back covers because there are so many scratches and they don’t look nice.

And now iPhone 6 back covers (you might also want to call it battery housing) are being sold very well in Shenzhen.


Gold is now very expensive while grey and silver are both cheap now.

If you are looking for back covers, please let us know, we know where to get a good deal for them, and we can make sure the quality is good. The one in Gold has no IMEI number, so we can print whatever IMEI numbers you want.

Also, the copy ones are available in the market too, but it is not a good idea to buy copy ones, because the fitting is not so good.

What Can A Smart Watch Do?


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What first comes into your mind when you think of watch? Time? Wrist?…

But to a smart watch, there is so much more than that.

Nowadays, smart watch comes in various kinds. The ones as follows take up only a tiny portion of them.

wps30E0.tmpwps30E1.tmp wps30F2.tmp

Although there are so many types, they share similar functions in one way or another.  Now please allow me to introduce you a representative one. 


1. It is compatible with WIFI, GSM,GPS,Bluetooth or other network types. With the synchronization function, you can make/receive call, text or receive other push notifications from the phone.


2. It has dual core processor, 1G RAM and 8G ROM, which makes it easier for you to play mp3 or video, or install many apps such as QQ, wechat, Sina, Twitter, facebook and so on. Besides, it has a sleep monitor, a pedometer, a calculator,a reminder, an alarm and a video/voice recorder inside.

. wps3106.tmpwps3107.tmp

3.It is easy and comfortable to operate as the screen is TTF-LCD.

4.You can tie it to the bike, wear it on the wrist, hang it with a lanyard on the neck or buckle it to the belt.


5. You can take a snap shot quickly. Thanks to the smart watch, you never have to worry about missing a moment again. Selfie, remote picturetaking, picture sharing are all possible too.

6. It can lasts for 8 days if it is on standby mode as the polymer battery contains 400 mah.

7. It has the function of anti-theft because it sends a signal if the phone is five meters away from the watch. You can also use the watch to locate the phone via bluetooth.

New functions are continuously coming. Contact us if you want to know more!

How to Turn Your TV into A Smart One?

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Have you ever thought about turning your traditional TV set into a smart device? The kind that could work like a computer?

Well, now your idea can become a reality, with just one small yet powerful TV box!

This is what it looks like:                                                    TV Box1 TV Bpx2

You might wonder, what functions does it have?

1. Working as Android, you can download whatever applications you wish, including music, chatting, web browsing, shopping, stock info and so on.

softwares apps

2.  Project what video you have in your iPad or hard drive to your TV freely.

3. Play interesting games on your TV with your friends or families to your hearts’ content.

.games Games2

4. With an app on your phone, you can watch your baby, the old, or property at home whenever and wherever you want.

Baby Monitor

5. Enjoy plenty of domestic or overseas channels for free, such as films, animation, documentary, TV shows, variety shows as well as open classes from all over the world. In addition, you can save the video you like and it can memorize your view history.

6. It is easy to operate even to children and the old, as it comes with a voice search along with other written input methods.

More functions are waiting for you to find out!

PS  Other kinds of TV boxes are available too. Some of them can be as small as a USB disk. Which do you like better? Contact us and we will talk more!

One Smart Socket Solves Many Problems

Ever Forget when to unplug your devices?

Ever tired of getting up to turn off your appliants?

Ever bothered by all those wires when charging, watching video or making phone calls?





Now, with this smart socket, you don’t have to worry all those problems any more!

Our smart socket has the advantages as follows:

1. Wireless Repeater

The smart socket can serve as a wifi enhancer, which can make your online video playing, chatting and reading possible at a fast speed.


Living in this fast-paced environment, we may sometimes forget stuff, but with this timer function, you will always remember when to do what.

3. APP

There is an APP available for you for both Android and iOS, you can remove control your socket with this APP.

4. Overcharging Protection

The smart socket will stop charging once the battery is full. This does not only save electricity, but also prolong the life of your battery. More importantly, it prevents us from the hidden danger of overcharging.


Interpreting & Market Guide Service

What’s a convenient way to find a high quality product in a short time and with brief procedures?

Smartphone plays an important role in our daily lives. Either in work or life, we can use it for calling, watching TV, reading books and so on. To do more business, some people want to source some spare parts, or accessories from China due to the advantages of price and quantity.

We’re a sourcing company that we have helped lots of people from overseas who want to source some high quality electronic products from Huaqiangbei as there might be cultural differences and language barriers. Sometimes you could be scammed if you come here in person without a local guide. Maybe they will offer you high price products but of low quality if you’re not very familiar with electronics. It’s a good a idea to  find a local guide who has been dealing with electronics and can speak fluent English.Then suppliers will offer high quality products as they know we’re familiar with these markets and electronics.

Here are some questions that you might ask.

Q1: what’s your procedure to offer Marketing Guide Services?

Our company is lactated in Huaqiangbei, a place full of electronic stores and manufactures. We have processionals who are familiar with the market and electronic products. We started our electronic business about six years ago. We can help to guide you around the market and we also provide interpreting services. We believe that can save lots of time and money for you.

For example, Mark is an American who owns a repair shop. He wants to source some phone accessories, but he doesn’t know how to find them. He finds our company, then makes a call to meet us. When he comes to Huaqiangbei,we guide him around the market and help him to find low price yet high quality products easily as we’ll introduce him to suppliers directly. Mark is mostly in America, but when he needs some products, he places an order to us, then we source and purchase these items for him. When we complete the purchasing, we confirm with Mark for shipping terms, address and we pack them in well condition to avoid any damage. After a few days when Mark wants to get some more products that are not about phones, but about computer components. We also can be of great help to him. He sends us information for product features, then we will try our best to source them.

Q2: What’s your lead time and delivery time of products if I need lots of them?

Usually we deliver within 24 hours if the quantities are available, but you need to inform us in advance. If we receive a big order, we’ll confirm with suppliers if they can get them ready for shipping to deliver in time. For urgent products, we’ll arrange them by top- priority.

Q3: What’s your major services?

Interpreting, sourcing, purchasing and shipping(packing) are our major services that we deal with electronics.

Q4: Do you sell refurbished phones?

Yes, we also sell Chinese refurbished phones such as Xiaomi, THL, but it’s not a good idea maybe you have high expectations for quality.

If you need any services, please do not hesitate to contact us as we also provide free consultation.

Pack the LCD touch screen assembly Safely in international transportation



Taking the time to properly pack your LCD touch screen assemblies can prevent them from being damaged during the international transportation. You must wrap them carefully and make sure that the screens and the flex cables are well protected.


In short , good packing is very important for your shipment to arrive in good condition,

because the couriers don’t take good care of the packages when they handle them.


Packing Materials

Prepare all the required packing materials. If you prefer to keep your original packaging, you can

re-use these materials. Or, you can purchase packing materials from any office supply store.

As is shown in the following photos, there are many different kinds of packing materials

including cartons, foam boxes, bubble bags, plastic foam, wrapping tools etc.







Packing Procedure


Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the LCD touch screen assemblies against press.




Wrap additional several layers or two of bubble wrap on top of a bundle LCD touch screen assembly to protect them from damage.

Bubble wrap provides them with additional protection. Foam sheeting and bubble wrap can be purchased at any office supply store.



Don’t forget to check whether the items are broken, damaged, missing or not when you receive them from the courier. If you have any question,it’s better to refuse to sign and accept.

Warm note: Please use the above-mentioned information as a general guide only,

all kinds of the packages are required to comply with the applicable regulations pertaining to their domestic and international shipments.

If you want any information about the package and shipment of the LCD Touch Screen Assembly products,please feel free to contact us,

Our team can provide the information that you want to know.If we are not online, please leave your name and your contact details,We will contact you ASAP.

The LCD Touch Screen Assembly

Most LCD Touch Screen Assembly consist of the following four units although they are of different brands and Models: Liquid Crystal Display,Touch Screen, Glass Cover, and Frame.




The LCD Touch Screen Assembly products on the market are numerous, quality is uneven, how to choose satisfactory LCD Touch Screen Assembly product?



Generally speaking, There are mainly three kinds of quality level currently on the market. They are original, refurbished, and copyable types. The original LCD Touch Screen Assembly products can place item A with item B. Item A is superior in quality to item B without cosmetic defects- scraches, bend, dots etc. There are a few different kinds of refurbished ones available in the market,

1. Replace the cracked top glass to a good quality glass from original LCD Touch Screen Assembly.

2. Replace the cracked top glass to a Copy quality glass from original LCD Touch Screen Assembly.

3. Re-bond new and original flex cables to the LCD and touchscreen.

4. Re-bond copy flex cables to the LCD and touchscreen.

5. Refurbish with good quality frame

6. Refurbish with copy frame

As the name implies, the copy one is imitational.Now the most important thing is how to distinguish them. Please refer to the photos.










Now you can choose and pick up the LCD Touch Screen Assembly products you need. Please remember to check the item’s function by just plug the flex connector to the test board before you buy them. Carefully test one by one to make sure all the goods best quality.







It’s time for us to talk about how to install the item correctly.






Here is a video for teaching you how to replace it:

Please note that there are many screws when you replace the assembly. They are different sizes and length.

You’d better to mark them or it will be easy to break the screen if you put the screw in wrong place.

Anyway, due to the complexity of iPhone structures, we suggest you make sure that the product is installed by professional ways, otherwise, you may damage the LCD screen, touch digitizer and flex cable when you disassemble or install the product, and this will lead to abnormal display, such as stripes, flashing and black screen.


We can provide you with the knowledge to source with confidence and with reduced risk.

Until now , with our tremendous effort and extensive experience, we have established a great reputation in the overseas market where we have the stable business.

If you want any information about the LCD Touch Screen Assembly, please feel free to contact us. our team can provide the information you want to know. if we are not on line, please leave your name and your contact details, we will contact you ASAP.

LED name tag

These are programmable LED name tags, you can put maximum 5 letters here in the following model that I show you, the price is around 20 USD as of today in May 2014. If you would like longer one, it is also available in the market of Shenzhen Electronics.

IMG_20140510_174828 IMG_20140510_174831 IMG_20140510_175050 IMG_20140510_175059 IMG_20140510_175121 IMG_20140510_175154