Electronic cigarettes in a sexy shape

If you are coming to Shenzhen, I will be more than happy to show you what is available in the markets of Shenzhen as regard to electronic cigaretts.

There is one item that I really want to introduce to you.

The cost is around 50 USD as of today in April 2014. It has 2 cartridges included, and it is good for 400 vapors, and if you want more, you need to buy more cartridges which costs you 2 USD each cartridge. There are 14 different flavors and 11mg nicotine in the cartridges, and there are 4 different colors available for the overall look and package. The battery inside is re-chargable, not disposal.

IMG_20140420_160957 IMG_20140420_161012

IMG_20140420_161053 IMG_20140420_155908

How do you negotiate with the sellers in Shenzhen Electronics Markets

Dear visitors to my website,


Why do you want to negotiate with the sellers here in Shenzhen China? Do you want a good deal?

Usually negotiation helps you selltle the difference and make good communication with the sellers or suppliers, because the lanaguage and culture barrier, there can be many misunderstanding, so negotiation helps you a lot. In order to have a successful negotiation, you might need to compromise a little to get what you want, so that each one is happy and you can have a long term good relationship with them.


Negotiate 1


How do you negotiate?

1. If you are a consumer who wants to get an item, and you will not come back to buy again in the next few years, and the sellers know that you are just visitors and they can’t have a long term relationship with you, then each one of you wants to get the most out of a deal here. The sellers will ask as much as they can, and you will offer as little as you can too. Because there are so many competitors here, you can always compare price for the same items among many sellers before you offer anything. The one way to find out is that you offer a very little price, and leave the shop, if the seller does not ask you to come back after you leave, the price is obviously not good for this seller, then you can offer a little more in another shop and find out.

Negotiate 2


2. If you are a serious buyer who wants to do a lot of businesses with these sellers and you want to create a good reputation and have a good relationship with the sellers here, the way how you negotiate must be very different, and you need to be very careful with the negotiation.

There are so many factors (terms) behind a deal, price in most of the cases and for the people from America or Europe, is usually not the most important factor. If the sellers know that you will come again and again, and you are very serious and professional in the business, they will not quote high prices for you, in fact, they quote low so that they can start business with you. However, to have a health relationship, low and high price are both not good, reasonable price is very important. In order to know what is a reasonable price, you need to compare what other sellers offer, and you need to know what kind of lead time, quality and customer services this seller offers. For People from America and Europe, their time in avarage is more expensive, so they prefer to get better quality, lead time, and customer services and support. As you might know that Chinese people can make a big range of quality, and their customer services are usually very bad. As for lead time, they want finish the orders that will bring them the best profits first, and put the low profit order in the end of their schedule, it means that if you pay less than what other customers pay, you get low priority. And most people don’t know how to offer higher prices for the suppliers, and the suppliers are afraid to ask for more because they don’t want to lose you, if you keep paying less, they want to lose you eventually.


Negotiate 3

How do you put the top glass on the LCD module without a metal mold

If you are a small repair shop owner, and you have a lot of different models of phones to repair, you will feel that it is very annoying when you need to change the metal molds again and again.

There is a good news in the engineering improvement that I have to tell you.

You will not need a metal mold for the grid to grid glass laminator, instead of a metal mold, you just need some plastic molds like the following

9300 plastic mold

You can use a plastic mold for the alignment, put your LCD in the plastic mold, put the OCA on the glass, and peel off the OCA protective film, then put the glass on the LCD and press a little bit to make sure the OCA stick to the LCD, then they basically become an unit, you can put it between 2 soft airbags under the vacuum environment.

This kind of plastic mold is much cheaper than the metal mold, one plastic mold is around 4 USD, it is very affordable.

Overlap Touchscreen Digitizer

Here I am going to show you what are the best touch screen panels that the people from Shenzhen are selling.


4-wire resistive touch screen panels.


1. What is a 4-wire resistive touch screen panel?


The 4 wire analog resistive touch screen consists 2 laywer with some spacing dots, 2 wires on the top and bottom lines of upper layer, the other 2 wires are on the left and right lines of lower layer, both layers are conductive coating and 5 volt power is applied to the top and left lines. When the screen is touched, it pushes the upper layer against the lower layer to make electrical contact. The voltages produced are the analog representation of the position touched. An electronic controller converts these voltages into digital X and Y coordinates which are then transmitted to the host computer.

Conductive layers




For more details on how it works, please refer to this article, 



2. It acts as a mouse and a keyboard, but what is the difference between a touch screen and a mouse.

How do you like a resistive touch screen compared to a mouse and a keyboard?

With this kind of touch screen, you can do click, double-click, drag and pinch. And a virtual keypad will pop up when you need it.


3. Active area, viewable area and outside area.

  1. Outside Dimension: The overall external dimensions of the LCD module, i.e. size of the metal casing that houses the LCD panel and the PCB.
  2. Bezel Opening Area: Also known as LCD’s View Area. This is exactly LCD metal frame’s cutout opening area. LCD’s metal frame has to be fully covered off by system’s front bezel.
  3. Active Area: The function area.

Here is an example for 15.6 inch.

15.6 inch touch screen dimensions

4. A USB or RS-232 Controller is needed.

The controller read/detect the voltage difference and use A/D converter to find the XY coordinate and output to the computer.

USB Controller

5. What sizes are available?

The sizes are available from 4.3 inch, 4.8 inch, 5.0 inch to 22 inch, the prices range from 10 RMB to 300 RMB, of course, if you need bigger sizes, they can produce it as well, just tell them your dimenions, but they would prefer to have a big quantity when you want a customized size.


Rigid to Rigid Vacuum Laminator

The most expensive machine is probably the Rigid to Rigid Vacuum Laminator, and it is the heaviest.

Someone out there has a very good engineering technology background has develop a complete different type of Rigid to Rigid Vacuum Laminator that reduce the cost and the weight a lot, he makes it much more affordable for people who need professional equipments to refurbish their mobile LCDs in volume.IMG_20130708_173417


This is how it looks like, and all the process is done automatically, all you need to do is put a LCD inside, and close the door, when it is finished, the door opens automatically.

Because the laminating jobs need to be done in a very clean room, but setting up a clean room is quite expensive, why don’t you just set up a small workbench with fans on the top to blow out the dirt, like what shows below. You can put both laminators in one workbench like that.


All these sets of machines plus an Autoclave machine, and separator, do not cost you a lot, please send us an Email and I will give you an update quote.

What items do the cheaters use to scam you?

I have got more and more stories from customers who got scammed, the common items they are talking about are mostly DDR RAM, hard drive, micro SD card, Memory Stick, and etc.


They are of course a lot of reliable and reputable sellers in Shenzhen, but they sell only to local customers, not to overseas customers, because the branded and original DDR RAM, hard drive, micro SD card and Memory Stick are a little more expensive in Shenzhen China than what you can get in your countries, there is no point that you will buy from them unless:


1. You want to get scammed.

2. You want to get used or refurbished items for the listing above.

3. You want to get “upgraded” items, by “upgraded”, they mean they fake it, they use some software to “upgrade” the momory from 1GB to 64GB, when you plugin to your computer it says 64GB, but when you download over than 4GB files to it, and take it to another computer, you will not see the files that you just copy to it.

4. You want to get mixed quality items, they show you some good samples, but in bulk, they mix the bad ones in.


Please come back to our website for information like:

What are the best electronic items you get from China?

Let me give you a hint first, what are 100% made in China?

Cheapest machines and devices for refurbishing cell phone touch screen for $1500

Can you believe that it costs you only US $1500 in total to get all the cell phone display refurbishing machines and devices, well, it is true now as of today in July 2013.

How can that happen, what technology do you use to get it done for such a good price?

The 1st step is still the same as usual, you need to remove the broken glass, and clean the remaining glue on the digitizer.

broken glass separator

Or you can use a manual separator for less price, and using a semi auto separator can be a little extra.

manual separator

The 2nd step is to apply some liquid optical glue.

UV optical glue

Apply some liquid glue on the LCD.

apply glue

Put the top glass on the glue, and let the glue spread out the whole area, make sure there is no bubble in between.

put glass on

And then you heat it up together with the mold under some UV light for 40 seconds

UV heating

No.4, you need to remove the extra glue with the following device, this devices alone would cost you $450


What else do you need besides the devices listed above?

You will need a mold to hold the screen, a plastic mold is very cheap.


Also you need all the steps except the first one to be one in a clean room, here is a device that you can use as a clean room.

clean cube

The size is 600*400mm for $420, 870*570mm for $480

HKLD cell phone screen refurbish machines

I am introducing this set of equipments for the purpose of refurbishing your cell phone screen, they are manufactured by a good company located in Shenzhen China, the company name is called HKLD.

The price for all these machines listed together without shipping is $9300 USD.

HKLD1030 Touch Panel Separator

Touch Panel Separator

It is good for remove the top broken glass from a 3.5 inch to 5.2 inch cell phone screen.

X axis stroke: 50mm (from left to right, and from right to left)

Y axis stroke: 230mm

Rated voltage: 220v

Rated power: 400w

Rated air pressure: 0.6MP

Cutting speed: 0 to 240 X strokes/minute (adjustable)

X axis moving driven by motor, Y axis moving driven by gravity.

Overall Sizes: 350*350*350mm


Manual OCA Laminator

Manual OCA Laminator

This device is very simple, it applies OCA on top of the touch panel, OCA is Optically Clear Adhesive, it is a very tranparent sticky and soft film.


Rigid to Rigid Touch Panel Laminator

Rigid to Rigid Touch Panel Laminator

Size: 600(W)x560(L)x1680(H)

This machine is used to apply cover lens (hard) to sensor glass (hard), or apply touch panel (hard) to LCD (hard)



Vacuum Elimination Machine

Vacuum Elimination Machine

Size: Ø220x400L

This is to remove the clave/bubble generated from the lamination of polarizers.

How much do the Chinese pay for your cracked LCD module

If you are a cell phone repair shop, I guess you might have a lot of cracked LCD modules in stock and wonder how much you can sell them.

Here are the latest prices for all the popular cell phone models as of today July 4th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300: 580RMB
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500: 710RMB

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100:200RMB

Samsung Galaxy S1 i9000:120RMB

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100: 780RMB

Samsung Galaxy Mega 9200: 560RMB


The prices here are based on very good condition on the LCD display and sensitive digitizer, only cracked glass. If there are some spots on the LCD or some small defect on the LCD, or the LCD has been used for a long time and it shows some yellow cloud, the prices must be less.


If you trust us, we can test them for you, and give you a report. Usually if you test them and make sure the LCD and digitizer are both good, the chance that people can pay you for the prices listed are 70% to 80%, the rest 20% to 30% are paid with much lower prices.


Recycle Cracked iPhone and Samsung LCD screen.