China is recycling your phones.

recycling phones Many people know that their phones are made in China, they all come from one city of China Shenzhen. But many people don’t know where their phones go when the phones are broken and recycled. The life of the phones is usually a couple years, even if they are still functional, but more and more phone are launched every year, and you want to catch up with the new technologies, so you throw your old phones. And people who are collecting the used phones will sell them to China.

Why does China want to collect your used phones?

Actually the government of China doesn’t want to get the used electronics, because phones recycling costs a lot of environment problems. However, there is a lot of profit in recycling phones, many people still get the used phones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen.

  1. They sort the phones in different brands and models, many of these used phone business people are specialized in a brand or a few models of phones.
  2. They repair the broken phones and sell them in the refurbished phone markets. There are a few refurbished phone markets in Shenzhen.
  3. They disassemble the phones if they are completely not functional, take them apart and sort the parts out.
  4. They sell the parts in batches, Many of the big shops in the cell phone part markets are specialized in certain parts for some brands. Usually the failure rate is 80%.
  5. They test the parts, if the parts are good, they call it “original used” and sell them in a high price.
  6. They sell the copy part of cell phones as well, if the parts are not easy to get and there is a demand for it in the market, they do reverse engineering and produce the parts on their own, usually the copy parts can’t be sold as much as the used, original good parts.
  7. They sell the original new but faulty parts. The original phone manufacturers do the Quality Control very well, the defective phones are not be sold to the consumers, but during the production, there must be a lot of failed phones, so they throw the detective phones away, Chinese get them and take them apart to get the parts. Usually the original new parts even if defective sell much more than the original used parts and the copy ones.

tongdiandiIn Shenzhen, there are a few buildings that sell used phones and used parts, you need to come here in person to see how much you like the phones or just the parts. Many overseas repairing centers come here to sell their broken phones and purchase some parts such as LCD, Touch screen, middle frame, back housing, keypad, buttons, flex cable, camera, sensor, earpiece, speaker, microphone, vibration motor, IM card holder, Micro USB connector, Micro SD card holder, SIM card slot, and so on. If you come to Shenzhen markets, you will find the prices here are much better than you can find online, that is why many repairing shops come directly to buy the parts that meet their quality standard. However, most of the shop owners here do not speak English, it is more efficient if you have a local guide to help you, not just for better communication, but also for negotiation and arrangement, as well as shipping. 


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  1. Hi. I have been recycling iPhone lcd screens for a long time now. I average around 1000-2000 pieces weekly. How much are you paying in USD per working LCD with working Digitizers? Aslo, can you provide me information on the payment for working with bad digitizers and so on…

    How much do you pay for iPod 4th Gen?

    How do you pay?

    • People are paying now 14 USD for iPhone 4/4S broken LCDs with cracked top glass only (the price has been very steady for a long time), and 33 USD for iPhone 5 (the price dropped a lot in the last week), and 55 USD for Galaxy S3, 135 USD for Galaxy S4.

      These are the prices for local Shenzhen, you will need to deliver to Shenzhen China.

      I wonder where you are from, if you want have the deal in Hong Kong, the price is less.

      How much do you want them for?

      Wire transfer or Paypal are good options.

      Please be aware that you need to do good package before you ship it, otherwise the LCDs can be more damaged during transportation. You need to put each one in a single bubble bag, then you put them in a polyform (styrofoam), and then a outer carton box.

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