How much do the Chinese pay for your cracked LCD module

If you are a cell phone repair shop, I guess you might have a lot of cracked LCD modules in stock and wonder how much you can sell them.

Here are the latest prices for all the popular cell phone models as of today July 4th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300: 580RMB
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500: 710RMB

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100:200RMB

Samsung Galaxy S1 i9000:120RMB

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100: 780RMB

Samsung Galaxy Mega 9200: 560RMB


The prices here are based on very good condition on the LCD display and sensitive digitizer, only cracked glass. If there are some spots on the LCD or some small defect on the LCD, or the LCD has been used for a long time and it shows some yellow cloud, the prices must be less.


If you trust us, we can test them for you, and give you a report. Usually if you test them and make sure the LCD and digitizer are both good, the chance that people can pay you for the prices listed are 70% to 80%, the rest 20% to 30% are paid with much lower prices.


Recycle Cracked iPhone and Samsung LCD screen.


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