HKLD cell phone screen refurbish machines

I am introducing this set of equipments for the purpose of refurbishing your cell phone screen, they are manufactured by a good company located in Shenzhen China, the company name is called HKLD.

The price for all these machines listed together without shipping is $9300 USD.

HKLD1030 Touch Panel Separator

Touch Panel Separator

It is good for remove the top broken glass from a 3.5 inch to 5.2 inch cell phone screen.

X axis stroke: 50mm (from left to right, and from right to left)

Y axis stroke: 230mm

Rated voltage: 220v

Rated power: 400w

Rated air pressure: 0.6MP

Cutting speed: 0 to 240 X strokes/minute (adjustable)

X axis moving driven by motor, Y axis moving driven by gravity.

Overall Sizes: 350*350*350mm


Manual OCA Laminator

Manual OCA Laminator

This device is very simple, it applies OCA on top of the touch panel, OCA is Optically Clear Adhesive, it is a very tranparent sticky and soft film.


Rigid to Rigid Touch Panel Laminator

Rigid to Rigid Touch Panel Laminator

Size: 600(W)x560(L)x1680(H)

This machine is used to apply cover lens (hard) to sensor glass (hard), or apply touch panel (hard) to LCD (hard)



Vacuum Elimination Machine

Vacuum Elimination Machine

Size: Ø220x400L

This is to remove the clave/bubble generated from the lamination of polarizers.


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