Cheapest machines and devices for refurbishing cell phone touch screen for $1500

Can you believe that it costs you only US $1500 in total to get all the cell phone display refurbishing machines and devices, well, it is true now as of today in July 2013.

How can that happen, what technology do you use to get it done for such a good price?

The 1st step is still the same as usual, you need to remove the broken glass, and clean the remaining glue on the digitizer.

broken glass separator

Or you can use a manual separator for less price, and using a semi auto separator can be a little extra.

manual separator

The 2nd step is to apply some liquid optical glue.

UV optical glue

Apply some liquid glue on the LCD.

apply glue

Put the top glass on the glue, and let the glue spread out the whole area, make sure there is no bubble in between.

put glass on

And then you heat it up together with the mold under some UV light for 40 seconds

UV heating

No.4, you need to remove the extra glue with the following device, this devices alone would cost you $450


What else do you need besides the devices listed above?

You will need a mold to hold the screen, a plastic mold is very cheap.


Also you need all the steps except the first one to be one in a clean room, here is a device that you can use as a clean room.

clean cube

The size is 600*400mm for $420, 870*570mm for $480

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