What items do the cheaters use to scam you?

I have got more and more stories from customers who got scammed, the common items they are talking about are mostly DDR RAM, hard drive, micro SD card, Memory Stick, and etc.


They are of course a lot of reliable and reputable sellers in Shenzhen, but they sell only to local customers, not to overseas customers, because the branded and original DDR RAM, hard drive, micro SD card and Memory Stick are a little more expensive in Shenzhen China than what you can get in your countries, there is no point that you will buy from them unless:


1. You want to get scammed.

2. You want to get used or refurbished items for the listing above.

3. You want to get “upgraded” items, by “upgraded”, they mean they fake it, they use some software to “upgrade” the momory from 1GB to 64GB, when you plugin to your computer it says 64GB, but when you download over than 4GB files to it, and take it to another computer, you will not see the files that you just copy to it.

4. You want to get mixed quality items, they show you some good samples, but in bulk, they mix the bad ones in.


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