Rigid to Rigid Vacuum Laminator

The most expensive machine is probably the Rigid to Rigid Vacuum Laminator, and it is the heaviest.

Someone out there has a very good engineering technology background has develop a complete different type of Rigid to Rigid Vacuum Laminator that reduce the cost and the weight a lot, he makes it much more affordable for people who need professional equipments to refurbish their mobile LCDs in volume.IMG_20130708_173417


This is how it looks like, and all the process is done automatically, all you need to do is put a LCD inside, and close the door, when it is finished, the door opens automatically.

Because the laminating jobs need to be done in a very clean room, but setting up a clean room is quite expensive, why don’t you just set up a small workbench with fans on the top to blow out the dirt, like what shows below. You can put both laminators in one workbench like that.


All these sets of machines plus an Autoclave machine, and separator, do not cost you a lot, please send us an Email and I will give you an update quote.


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  1. I would like to speak with someone regarding purchasing this complete setup. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. You can also reach me on Skype at “David.Christman”
    David Christman

  2. I would like to know the prices for the this Rigid Vacuum Laminator setup. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    i can be also be reached at 1-602-472-5111

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