Overlap Touchscreen Digitizer

Here I am going to show you what are the best touch screen panels that the people from Shenzhen are selling.


4-wire resistive touch screen panels.


1. What is a 4-wire resistive touch screen panel?


The 4 wire analog resistive touch screen consists 2 laywer with some spacing dots, 2 wires on the top and bottom lines of upper layer, the other 2 wires are on the left and right lines of lower layer, both layers are conductive coating and 5 volt power is applied to the top and left lines. When the screen is touched, it pushes the upper layer against the lower layer to make electrical contact. The voltages produced are the analog representation of the position touched. An electronic controller converts these voltages into digital X and Y coordinates which are then transmitted to the host computer.

Conductive layers




For more details on how it works, please refer to this article, 



2. It acts as a mouse and a keyboard, but what is the difference between a touch screen and a mouse.

How do you like a resistive touch screen compared to a mouse and a keyboard?

With this kind of touch screen, you can do click, double-click, drag and pinch. And a virtual keypad will pop up when you need it.


3. Active area, viewable area and outside area.

  1. Outside Dimension: The overall external dimensions of the LCD module, i.e. size of the metal casing that houses the LCD panel and the PCB.
  2. Bezel Opening Area: Also known as LCD’s View Area. This is exactly LCD metal frame’s cutout opening area. LCD’s metal frame has to be fully covered off by system’s front bezel.
  3. Active Area: The function area.

Here is an example for 15.6 inch.

15.6 inch touch screen dimensions

4. A USB or RS-232 Controller is needed.

The controller read/detect the voltage difference and use A/D converter to find the XY coordinate and output to the computer.

USB Controller

5. What sizes are available?

The sizes are available from 4.3 inch, 4.8 inch, 5.0 inch to 22 inch, the prices range from 10 RMB to 300 RMB, of course, if you need bigger sizes, they can produce it as well, just tell them your dimenions, but they would prefer to have a big quantity when you want a customized size.


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