How do you negotiate with the sellers in Shenzhen Electronics Markets

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Why do you want to negotiate with the sellers here in Shenzhen China? Do you want a good deal?

Usually negotiation helps you selltle the difference and make good communication with the sellers or suppliers, because the lanaguage and culture barrier, there can be many misunderstanding, so negotiation helps you a lot. In order to have a successful negotiation, you might need to compromise a little to get what you want, so that each one is happy and you can have a long term good relationship with them.


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How do you negotiate?

1. If you are a consumer who wants to get an item, and you will not come back to buy again in the next few years, and the sellers know that you are just visitors and they can’t have a long term relationship with you, then each one of you wants to get the most out of a deal here. The sellers will ask as much as they can, and you will offer as little as you can too. Because there are so many competitors here, you can always compare price for the same items among many sellers before you offer anything. The one way to find out is that you offer a very little price, and leave the shop, if the seller does not ask you to come back after you leave, the price is obviously not good for this seller, then you can offer a little more in another shop and find out.

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2. If you are a serious buyer who wants to do a lot of businesses with these sellers and you want to create a good reputation and have a good relationship with the sellers here, the way how you negotiate must be very different, and you need to be very careful with the negotiation.

There are so many factors (terms) behind a deal, price in most of the cases and for the people from America or Europe, is usually not the most important factor. If the sellers know that you will come again and again, and you are very serious and professional in the business, they will not quote high prices for you, in fact, they quote low so that they can start business with you. However, to have a health relationship, low and high price are both not good, reasonable price is very important. In order to know what is a reasonable price, you need to compare what other sellers offer, and you need to know what kind of lead time, quality and customer services this seller offers. For People from America and Europe, their time in avarage is more expensive, so they prefer to get better quality, lead time, and customer services and support. As you might know that Chinese people can make a big range of quality, and their customer services are usually very bad. As for lead time, they want finish the orders that will bring them the best profits first, and put the low profit order in the end of their schedule, it means that if you pay less than what other customers pay, you get low priority. And most people don’t know how to offer higher prices for the suppliers, and the suppliers are afraid to ask for more because they don’t want to lose you, if you keep paying less, they want to lose you eventually.


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