The LCD Touch Screen Assembly

Most LCD Touch Screen Assembly consist of the following four units although they are of different brands and Models: Liquid Crystal Display,Touch Screen, Glass Cover, and Frame.




The LCD Touch Screen Assembly products on the market are numerous, quality is uneven, how to choose satisfactory LCD Touch Screen Assembly product?



Generally speaking, There are mainly three kinds of quality level currently on the market. They are original, refurbished, and copyable types. The original LCD Touch Screen Assembly products can place item A with item B. Item A is superior in quality to item B without cosmetic defects- scraches, bend, dots etc. There are a few different kinds of refurbished ones available in the market,

1. Replace the cracked top glass to a good quality glass from original LCD Touch Screen Assembly.

2. Replace the cracked top glass to a Copy quality glass from original LCD Touch Screen Assembly.

3. Re-bond new and original flex cables to the LCD and touchscreen.

4. Re-bond copy flex cables to the LCD and touchscreen.

5. Refurbish with good quality frame

6. Refurbish with copy frame

As the name implies, the copy one is imitational.Now the most important thing is how to distinguish them. Please refer to the photos.










Now you can choose and pick up the LCD Touch Screen Assembly products you need. Please remember to check the item’s function by just plug the flex connector to the test board before you buy them. Carefully test one by one to make sure all the goods best quality.







It’s time for us to talk about how to install the item correctly.






Here is a video for teaching you how to replace it:

Please note that there are many screws when you replace the assembly. They are different sizes and length.

You’d better to mark them or it will be easy to break the screen if you put the screw in wrong place.

Anyway, due to the complexity of iPhone structures, we suggest you make sure that the product is installed by professional ways, otherwise, you may damage the LCD screen, touch digitizer and flex cable when you disassemble or install the product, and this will lead to abnormal display, such as stripes, flashing and black screen.


We can provide you with the knowledge to source with confidence and with reduced risk.

Until now , with our tremendous effort and extensive experience, we have established a great reputation in the overseas market where we have the stable business.

If you want any information about the LCD Touch Screen Assembly, please feel free to contact us. our team can provide the information you want to know. if we are not on line, please leave your name and your contact details, we will contact you ASAP.


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