Pack the LCD touch screen assembly Safely in international transportation



Taking the time to properly pack your LCD touch screen assemblies can prevent them from being damaged during the international transportation. You must wrap them carefully and make sure that the screens and the flex cables are well protected.


In short , good packing is very important for your shipment to arrive in good condition,

because the couriers don’t take good care of the packages when they handle them.


Packing Materials

Prepare all the required packing materials. If you prefer to keep your original packaging, you can

re-use these materials. Or, you can purchase packing materials from any office supply store.

As is shown in the following photos, there are many different kinds of packing materials

including cartons, foam boxes, bubble bags, plastic foam, wrapping tools etc.







Packing Procedure


Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the LCD touch screen assemblies against press.




Wrap additional several layers or two of bubble wrap on top of a bundle LCD touch screen assembly to protect them from damage.

Bubble wrap provides them with additional protection. Foam sheeting and bubble wrap can be purchased at any office supply store.



Don’t forget to check whether the items are broken, damaged, missing or not when you receive them from the courier. If you have any question,it’s better to refuse to sign and accept.

Warm note: Please use the above-mentioned information as a general guide only,

all kinds of the packages are required to comply with the applicable regulations pertaining to their domestic and international shipments.

If you want any information about the package and shipment of the LCD Touch Screen Assembly products,please feel free to contact us,

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