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What’s a convenient way to find a high quality product in a short time and with brief procedures?

Smartphone plays an important role in our daily lives. Either in work or life, we can use it for calling, watching TV, reading books and so on. To do more business, some people want to source some spare parts, or accessories from China due to the advantages of price and quantity.

We’re a sourcing company that we have helped lots of people from overseas who want to source some high quality electronic products from Huaqiangbei as there might be cultural differences and language barriers. Sometimes you could be scammed if you come here in person without a local guide. Maybe they will offer you high price products but of low quality if you’re not very familiar with electronics. It’s a good a idea to  find a local guide who has been dealing with electronics and can speak fluent English.Then suppliers will offer high quality products as they know we’re familiar with these markets and electronics.

Here are some questions that you might ask.

Q1: what’s your procedure to offer Marketing Guide Services?

Our company is lactated in Huaqiangbei, a place full of electronic stores and manufactures. We have processionals who are familiar with the market and electronic products. We started our electronic business about six years ago. We can help to guide you around the market and we also provide interpreting services. We believe that can save lots of time and money for you.

For example, Mark is an American who owns a repair shop. He wants to source some phone accessories, but he doesn’t know how to find them. He finds our company, then makes a call to meet us. When he comes to Huaqiangbei,we guide him around the market and help him to find low price yet high quality products easily as we’ll introduce him to suppliers directly. Mark is mostly in America, but when he needs some products, he places an order to us, then we source and purchase these items for him. When we complete the purchasing, we confirm with Mark for shipping terms, address and we pack them in well condition to avoid any damage. After a few days when Mark wants to get some more products that are not about phones, but about computer components. We also can be of great help to him. He sends us information for product features, then we will try our best to source them.

Q2: What’s your lead time and delivery time of products if I need lots of them?

Usually we deliver within 24 hours if the quantities are available, but you need to inform us in advance. If we receive a big order, we’ll confirm with suppliers if they can get them ready for shipping to deliver in time. For urgent products, we’ll arrange them by top- priority.

Q3: What’s your major services?

Interpreting, sourcing, purchasing and shipping(packing) are our major services that we deal with electronics.

Q4: Do you sell refurbished phones?

Yes, we also sell Chinese refurbished phones such as Xiaomi, THL, but it’s not a good idea maybe you have high expectations for quality.

If you need any services, please do not hesitate to contact us as we also provide free consultation.


Interpreting & Market Guide Service — 2 Comments

  1. hello
    im now at Shenzhen and im looking foward to buy electronics articles for my new store and the carribean. I would appreciat you advise or help to make by business trip succesfull.
    Im also looking to buy phone parts and also computers parts. Let me know if you can help me. Thanks in advance

  2. hello, i would like to get your services to help me during my trip in Shenzhen now. How can you guide me or help me?

    Does it have any where else to get in contact with you?

    Here is my informations, where im staying at Shenzhen. I suppose to be at SEG plaza and huá qiáng běi tomorrow


    Adress: 55 Yongxin St, jiefang Rd, Luohu District, Shenzhen 518001, P.R (metro, Laojie Station)

    Telephone: +8675582222986

    I’m at room 707. Ask for Cécilia ROSELMAC

    thanks in advance

    Hope hearing from you very soon

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