One Smart Socket Solves Many Problems

Ever Forget when to unplug your devices?

Ever tired of getting up to turn off your appliants?

Ever bothered by all those wires when charging, watching video or making phone calls?





Now, with this smart socket, you don’t have to worry all those problems any more!

Our smart socket has the advantages as follows:

1. Wireless Repeater

The smart socket can serve as a wifi enhancer, which can make your online video playing, chatting and reading possible at a fast speed.


Living in this fast-paced environment, we may sometimes forget stuff, but with this timer function, you will always remember when to do what.

3. APP

There is an APP available for you for both Android and iOS, you can remove control your socket with this APP.

4. Overcharging Protection

The smart socket will stop charging once the battery is full. This does not only save electricity, but also prolong the life of your battery. More importantly, it prevents us from the hidden danger of overcharging.



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