What Can A Smart Watch Do?


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What first comes into your mind when you think of watch? Time? Wrist?…

But to a smart watch, there is so much more than that.

Nowadays, smart watch comes in various kinds. The ones as follows take up only a tiny portion of them.

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Although there are so many types, they share similar functions in one way or another.  Now please allow me to introduce you a representative one. 


1. It is compatible with WIFI, GSM,GPS,Bluetooth or other network types. With the synchronization function, you can make/receive call, text or receive other push notifications from the phone.


2. It has dual core processor, 1G RAM and 8G ROM, which makes it easier for you to play mp3 or video, or install many apps such as QQ, wechat, Sina, Twitter, facebook and so on. Besides, it has a sleep monitor, a pedometer, a calculator,a reminder, an alarm and a video/voice recorder inside.

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3.It is easy and comfortable to operate as the screen is TTF-LCD.

4.You can tie it to the bike, wear it on the wrist, hang it with a lanyard on the neck or buckle it to the belt.


5. You can take a snap shot quickly. Thanks to the smart watch, you never have to worry about missing a moment again. Selfie, remote picturetaking, picture sharing are all possible too.

6. It can lasts for 8 days if it is on standby mode as the polymer battery contains 400 mah.

7. It has the function of anti-theft because it sends a signal if the phone is five meters away from the watch. You can also use the watch to locate the phone via bluetooth.

New functions are continuously coming. Contact us if you want to know more!

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