iPhone 6 back covers are available in 3 colors

As soon as the new models of iPhone has been available for 6 months, people start to look for back covers because there are so many scratches and they don’t look nice.

And now iPhone 6 back covers (you might also want to call it battery housing) are being sold very well in Shenzhen.


Gold is now very expensive while grey and silver are both cheap now.

If you are looking for back covers, please let us know, we know where to get a good deal for them, and we can make sure the quality is good. The one in Gold has no IMEI number, so we can print whatever IMEI numbers you want.

Also, the copy ones are available in the market too, but it is not a good idea to buy copy ones, because the fitting is not so good.


iPhone 6 back covers are available in 3 colors — 2 Comments

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  2. hello
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