Fill-Light Makes Your Selfie Clearer

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Have you ever wish that, if only I had better light when taking selfies?

Well, now you have a solution—Fill-light

Here are how the fill-light looks like:

overall 3

However good your camera is, yet sometimes it fees like the light is just not right! For example, when you are in KTV, gathering party, bar, rainy day or at night time, the light for camera is always not good enough. You could compare the effects of the two pictures below:

b a2b a

The fill-light can work with smart phones( including Android, IOS and WP system), digital camera, tablet, notebook, action camera, etc.

There are four light bulbs inside each fill-light. The color temperature is 5600k, and color index is 80, which meet the criterion of international standards of high class shooting equipment. Lighting levels are adjustable for different settings. With the batteries inside, it doesn’t need power from your phones or other equipment. What’s more, it could be used as flashlight or emergency light.

Tempted by the fill-light? 6 colors of them are available. Contact us to and find out which are your favorite!

overall 2  overall



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