Water Quality Pen Helps you Know Your Water

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As we know, our daily water may look pure, but in fact, there could be plenty of  impurities there. In this case, a good water quality pen comes in handy. Of all the water quality pens on the market, xiaomi brand seems to stand out. Now let’s take a look at its pictures.

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As we can see, this xiaomi water quality pen is light, handy and beautifully designed. According to WTO standards, TDS( total dissolved solids) less than 600 is appropriate/good. If it is over 1000, it is not suitable to drink any more.

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With two replaceable batteries inside, the pen could test from 0 to 9990. What’s more, it has low power consumption and it turns off automatically in two minutes if is not being used. In addition, made of titanium, the probe is precise, antirust and antiseptic.

Where could you find those useful yet affordable xiaomi water quality pens? Contact us for more information!


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