Maker Economy Boosts Huaqiangbei’s Upgrading

In the past, cell phones and laptops were the leading roles in Huaqiangbei business. However, this year, their golden places are being replaced by drones, robots and some smart wearable products.



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Huaqiangbei markers introducing Drones

Maker economy is bringing a new light into the development of Huaqiangbei and providing positive energies for its upgrading. Suppliers here used to compete for rich resources and low prices, but now, they aim to compete in numerous innovations and wisdom.

It is expected that Shenzhen is going to be an international maker center.

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To makers, Huaqiangbei has unique core competences.

  1. Graphical location: located in the markets of the hottest electronics and production  goods.
  2. Landmark symbols: SEG, Huaqiang Plaza.
  3. Industrial Accumulation: the ability to integrate resources for electronic industry upstreams and downstreams.
  4. Quality Resources: home to a number of influential A share listed companies.
  5. Chained Electronic markets: gathering numerous electronic markets from all over  China.

Right now, Huaqiangbei has become the focus of makers. Going forward, it still needs gradual upgrading and strives for more core competences to be the leader in this field.

Boosted by maker economy, the upgrading Huaqiangbei is in no doubt stepping up it innovations. While insisting on improving innovation service environment as well as ecological environment, we keep on bringing its unique value and charms into play, attracting the attention from makers at home and abroad.


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