The most reliable phone holder on your car air vent

Some people might believe that the magnetic holders are the best, I would not say magnetic holder is the best, if it is not strong enough, the phones will come off when there is some vibration when you drive.

Here I am going to introduce one car holder that I believe is the most reliable.

car holder on air vent 1_1

Obviously it is very stylish and you can see how it works from the pictures below.

This is a good looking car holder that is very reliable and stable on the car and it is not going to block your view

car holder on air vent 2_2


It is good for most of the cell phone models, the width ranges from 50mm to 100mm, it is good for cell phone with a screen from 3 inch to 6.3 inch.

car holder on air vent 3-3


Here are 2 animation GIF pictures to better show you how it works, your phone will be held very tightly, it will not easily fall down even when the roads bump so much.

car holder on air vent 4 how it works

car holder on air vent 5 how it works


You can see from the below picture that it will not block your view because it is placed on the air vent.

car holder on air vent 6 how it looks with phone on car


Here you can see the knob in the middle that you can rotate it in different angles.

car holder on air vent 7_7 all parts

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