What is the hottest item in the market of Shenzhen

If you still remember the hottest items in 2015/2016, you will say that the selfie sticker in 2015 is very hot, the magnet stand for your cell phones placed in car is one of the hottest item in 2016, in the same year 2016, another hot item in 2016 was the Karaoke microphone with speaker that goes with your phone via Bluetooth, 


The hottest item at the moment is the fidget spinner, also called spinner on finger tip, almost every one in the market is selling this item, no matter what they sold before, here is one guy who sell cooler fan before, and now he changes his focus 

I can see that one booth is warning their suppliers and factories not to keep too many of the materials in stock because the sales of spinner is getting worse and worse, a couple months ago, the factories for this item were way too busy and now there are just too many of these factories. 

You can see the prices are getting lower and lower. 


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