Common scams/tricks in Shenzhen China

1. Illegal Taxi drivers.

When you arrive, be sure to use normal public taxi, an legal taxi nees to have be printed differently and have a sign on the top with light, it can be read in the urbans area or green in the suburban areas, and you can find blue taxi as well. The illegal taxi are just some normal private cars and the taxi drivers will try to take you to their cars while legal taxi drivers will not do that, youi need to find the legal taxi on your own. The illegal taxi drivers will charge you much more.

You can also user Uber in Shenzhen to order a taxi, those cabs are just private cars but they are regulated so it is safe.


2. Attactive young girls that take you to some specific restaurants or bars to drive and eat.

It is no problem to drive and eat in some chains restaurants like McDonalds’ or Starbucks, in most of the cases, when you eat with some girls, men need to pay for what they order, and sometimes the girls leave when you eat without saying goodbye to you and you need to pay for what they order.

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