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Shenzhen, China is the capital of “wearable electronics” market.

Technology keeps advancing by the day. Technology has enabled us to do great things. Today’s modern world owes a lot of its development to technology. One area of technology where amazing feats are currently being achieved is in the field of Wearable Electronics. From fitness and healthcare to fashion and entertainment, wearable electronics are really enabling us in ways that are fascinating. You may already be wondering what wearable electronics really are.


Wearable electronics are devices that can be worn on the body. Some wearable electronics only form a part of the material such as clothing that is worn by a person.  They can also be called wearable technology or just wearables. Good examples of wearable electronics are smart watches and activity trackers.

smart watch

Smart Watch

Wearable devices do wonderful things. For example, a device that detects the rate at which the heart of the person wearing it is beating and how many steps the persons has taken.

A very important feature of wearable electronics is their ability to connect to the internet and exchange data. This ability makes wearable devices to be classified under the internet of things (IoT). Devices such as the apple watch series 3 can perform several functions such as making phone calls and playing music. It is also a fitness tracking device.

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Wearable technology plays a good role in professional sports in areas such as monitoring. Wearable technology is also relevant to the health sector. For example, wearable technology can provide information through data it collects from the body of humans which include data such as brain wave, Heart rate, Calories burned, etc.

One very fascinating wearable is the Google Glass. Other great wearable electronics includes devices like the  Moto 360  smartwatch by Motorola, the Fitbit Versa smart watch and also the fascinating virtual reality devices such as the Google daydream and HTC vive. All these devices join the list of very impressive and awesome wearable electronics, and the list only continues. Wearable technology is powering the smart-word with device names such as a smart ring, smart watch, smart clothing, and smart glasses.


Shenzhen, one of China’s business powerhouses, home to the fourth tallest building on the earth, a city that has both been referred to as “the tech capital of the world” and    “the silicon valley of hardware”, is one destination to go when it comes to electronics. Shenzhen will not be left out when it comes to the field of wearable electronics. Shenzhen’s huaqiangbei electronics market which has been referred to as “the world’s greatest electronics market”  is a good place to get great wearables. Are you seeking to venture into selling wearables or you are already in the trade? Shenzhen city is one destination I will recommend.

wearable electronics, Kingii wearable

Kingii wearable device for swimmers

Finding your way around Shenzhen can be difficult because of the language barrier so you might really need to hire an interpreter who would help you get around with less or no trouble. One other service you might find greatly helpful is the service of a sourcing agent. Sourcing agents can help you get electronics at very affordable prices.


Players in the wearable electronics market include tech giants like Google Inc, Microsoft Inc, Apple Inc, etc. I think the competition in the wearable electronics market will depend on certain factors, such as the quality of the device produced, and the number of functions such devices perform.

The wearable technology market has been projected to grow to $34 billion by 2020.

Wearable electronics are not fading away any soon. Institutions are testing and developing technologies in the field of wearables, and as such, more awesome wearable electronics are expected to continue showing up in the market as time goes on.

Events are being held to showcase wearable technology and I believe these events are also held with a focus on how the field of wearable devices can be further developed, Conferences such as the wearable technology conference are also being held involving organizations that play key roles in the future of wearable electronics. I strongly agree that wearable technology is only going to keep making waves. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is among research institutions that are developing and testing technologies in the field of wearables. the wearable technology market is only going to get bigger and even more fascinating.


The fact that wearable electronics spread across various fields such as sports, healthcare, entertainment etc, is one reason why I strongly think wearable electronics are not going to leave the market any soon. I believe the field of wearable electronics is only going to keep advancing. So if you already have a wearable electronic device, that’s great. The power of wearable technology is awesome and so much is still to be expected as the field of wearable electronics is still going to come up with more exploits. So get on board, and join the wearable electronics trend if you are yet to.

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