Sourcing Cheap Electronics from Shenzhen

Electronics play very vital roles in today’s world. From healthcare to sports, even to our entertainment and communication, electronic gadgets are there to at least play a role. As electronics become more common, it’s simply evident that electronics are also becoming more affordable, and cheap electronics are becoming more available. Think of buying a smartwatch that is created to make phone calls and also to perform other notable functions for less than 10 dollars. Or an amazing drone that can perform great functions for less than 10 dollars as well. These are all cheap electronics indeed.

It’s true that just as cheap electronics are becoming more available, very expensive electronics like some smartphones, drones, some amazing wearables, and other electronic gadgets still exist.


From my observation of the electronic market, the cost of buying electronics will vary based on your location, the platform or source from which you are buying and also the volume which you want to purchase. All these are factors that determine the cost of electronics.

I came across an article on the web titled What $50 Buys You at Huaqiangbei, the World’s Most Fascinating Electronic Market. The article revealed a list of electronics that you can buy in Shenzhen’s Huaqiangbei electronics market all for less than $50. Some items that the group purchased included:

  1. USB light
  2. iPhone repair stencil
  3. Selfie fan
  4. Mini Drone
  5. iRing
  6. Smartwatch

And other stuff.

You might already be wondering how you could ever get to purchase all the items listed above for less than $50. Well, It all comes back to what I speculated earlier – the factors that determine the cost of buying electronics. Which are:

  1. The Platform or source from which you are buying.
  2. The volume which you are buying.
  3. Your location.

In the same article, the prices of the items purchased were listed, and some of the prices were compared with prices that Amazon sells the same items. Amazon’s prices were indeed higher.

So you see that purchasing the same items that were purchased in China’s Shenzhen city from Amazon would cost you more. Factors such as delivery cost and/or other factors may be responsible for the higher prices (that is if the prices on Amazon included the cost for delivery and/or any other cost).

Buying cheap electronics depend on your location. If your country is a player in the electronics manufacturing sector, then electronics will likely be cheaper in your country compared to a country that imports electronics from other countries.

The cost of buying electronics can also vary as I stated earlier based on the source or platform from which you are buying. For example, the cost of buying an electronic device might vary from one online store to another. While retail stores (not online) might be selling the same electronic device for a lower price or a higher price than the online stores. This simply explains how the platform/source factor affects the cost of electronics.

One other important factor that influences electronic prices is the volume factor. Buying a higher volume of electronics will reduce the cost per device. For example, a trader might present a smartwatch to you at $13.5, but if you inform him that you’ll need 40 pieces of the same smartwatch, the cost per smartwatch might fall to a price like $11.4. So you see, that buying 30 pieces of the same smartwatch saves you $2.1 on each smartwatch and $84 overall. I believe that’s a very good deal.

There are some electronic wholesale websites that you can link up with if you seek to buy electronics in wholesale, especially if you desire to venture into selling electronics.

All these factors in one way or the other, account for the different prices at which you can purchase the same electronic device.


When it comes to where to buy cheap electronics, I don’t think I know any other country to refer anyone to other than China – Shenzhen city to be more precise.

Shenzhen is a city that has been referred to as “the tech capital of the world”, and also “the silicon valley of hardware”. Shenzhen is a high tech developed city that offers you the leisure of being able to get your electronics manufactured on time, and also the leisure of being able to buy good cheap electronics. I believe that’s great news if you are in Shenzhen already or if you are planning a visit to Shenzhen.

Whether for business or for personal purpose(s), I believe Shenzhen’s Huaqiangbei market- a market that has been referred to as “the world’s greatest electronic market”, will satisfy your quest for cheap electronics.


Shenzhen is one of China’s top business hubs, and the language barrier is a Challenge in Shenzhen so you might need to hire the service of an interpreter.

Buying electronics at cheaper prices will depend on your ability to bargain. So I will recommend that you take the stress of bargaining off yourself by hiring a good and reliable sourcing agent who is common with the Shenzhen business environment and can help you make good bargains.

If you are seeking to go into exporting electronics from China to your country or elsewhere, reliable business agents(business guides) can also help you out with all the processes involved including processes such as purchasing the items(electronics or any other item), inspection of the items, and sending them over to your location.


Electronics will continue to be a part of our daily lives and will continue to play important roles in our lives. Buying cheap electronics will not be something anybody will dislike. Ill strongly advise that you keep an eye on the quality of the electronic(s) you want to purchase and not just to go looking for “cheap electronics”. I believe Shenzhen will be a good location to get cheap electronics that are also of good quality.

I hope this article benefited you – may be a lot. So when next you need to buy any electronic device, be on the lookout because different sources/platforms whether online stores or not, might just be offering you the same electronic device at different prices. And don’t forget that volume purchase is an also added advantage.


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