Cell phone Accessories for your Smartphones

Cell phones, mobile phones, smartphones, however you chose to call them, are devices that are powered by cells or batteries. We use cell phones to make calls, socialize, and to do other things. Cell phone accessories, according to Wikipedia, “….include any hardware that is not integral to the operation of a mobile smartphone as designed by the manufacturer”. Cell phones have so gotten into our lifestyles that we can barely go a single day without making use of them. Asking some people to go a single day without their cell phones will be plain unacceptable, except if they really have no choice.

Cell phone accessories include hardware such as phone cases, external batteries, SD cards, USB cables, Selfie sticks, Irings, and headsets, they make the mobile phone user experience more interesting.

Cell phone accessories go from those accessories like some “dummy” phone cases to powerful electronic devices such as some awesome headsets, VR gadgets, and other accessories that may require Bluetooth connectivity.

In this article, I wrote on three awesome cell phone accessories that I believe everyone will really love to have.

Some Amazing Cell Phone Accessories

I’ll start the list of some awesome smartphone accessories with the very fascinating VR (virtual reality) headsets. Samsung and Google are two top players in the area of virtual reality.

The Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung gear VR was released on November 27, 2015. The virtual reality headset was developed by Samsung and Occulus, and was manufactured by Samsung. The headset is created to work with some compatible Samsung smartphones including devices like galaxy s6, galaxy s6 edge, Samsung galaxy note 5, and Samsung galaxy note 8. Go get yours to know all about this awesome VR device.

cell phone accessories – The Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR


JZBrain 5 Port charging station

The JZ brain 5 port charging station is a charging station that powers 5 USB chargeable devices at the same time. Think of charging your tablet, your Smartphone and whichever USB chargeable device you have – all 5 at the same time, arranged neatly on a smart looking charge station – that will be very nice right? The charge station comes with 5 short USB cable for each charging slot so you don’t have to spend extra money on buying cables.

cell phone accessories - JZBrain 5 Port charging station

JZBrain 5 Port charging station


ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Wow, imagine a speaker that floats. ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker is a speaker that floats above a magnetic base. The nice design of this speaker is also admirable. The connectivity is through Bluetooth or NFC. The speaker base also has a USB port where you can charge a phone.

cell phone accessories – ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker


Above are just three awesome cell phone accessories. And the list of awesome cell phone accessories continues.

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Technology continues to evolve, and so awesome cell phone accessories continue to hit the market. Cell phone accessories indeed make cell phone user experience more fulfilling.

The full power of some awesome cell phone accessories will hardly be fully told to anyone. You’ll really get to know the full power of those awesome cell phone accessories when you use them. So get yours, and then enjoy using your smartphone even more. Hope you enjoyed this article. Remember to drop your comments below thanks.

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