It’s common to see some electronic devices mounted on different positions in different
places we go, they are called CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras are used for surveillance to
ensure the security of people and properties. The need for security cannot be overemphasized in today’s world, and thanks to technology, CCTV cameras give the privilege of ensuring security through video recordings of happenings even when one is absent.


CCTV cameras otherwise called closed-circuit television cameras in full are gadgets thatcctv camerarecord video footages and get them transmitted. There are different types of CCTV cameras, but CCTV cameras can be classified into two: Analog CCTV cameras and IP CCTV cameras.
CCTV camera was invented by Walter Bruch a German engineer in 1942. The first CCTV
was used to monitor the launch of a rocket. It is also reported that the Singapore airport with 3000 CCTV cameras has the world’s largest CCTV system.


Analog CCTV cameras are types of cameras that record videos and transmit the signals to a digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR converts the signals from analog signals to digital
signals. The video can then be stored and viewed through monitors that are connected to the DVR.
IP CCTV cameras are surveillance cameras that record videos digitally and then the videos
are transmitted and viewed over the internet. IP cameras need a Network Video Recorder
The choice of whether to use a digital or an IP camera will depend on your choice
considering the various differences they have.

  1. To start with, IP cameras tend to be more expensive than the analog cameras.
  2. The fact that analog cameras have been around before their digital counterparts, makes
    it easier to find an installer.
  3. Analog cameras are easier to set up.
  4. One edge that digital CCTV cameras have over analog cameras is video quality.
    Digital cameras are good for areas with much movement because they produce images
    that are sharper than analog CCTV cameras.
  5. Video recorded via IP cameras can be encrypted thus enhancing more security.


CCTV cameras come in different types with different features and capabilities. They include

  1.    The Dome camera. 

The dome camera is a type of camera that is shaped in such a way that knowing the current position being captured by the camera is hard to determine. This gives the
dome camera a good advantage. The dome camera can be installed indoors and also

2.    Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras are CCTV cameras that are long and cylindrical in shape. Bullet
cameras have the advantage of being able to view distant locations.

3. The day/night camera.

As the name of this camera implies, are CCTV cameras that can be used even in areas
that are poorly lighted up. They can operate both day and night. Thus, they are suitable
for outdoor surveillance.
There are other types of CCTV cameras but I’ll stick to these ones in this article. Read
more on the different types of CCTV cameras by following this link.


Apart from the issue of whether to use an IP CCTV camera or an analog CCTV camera, the
choice of which type of camera to use might come up.
The ideal camera you’ll have to use will depend on various reasons such as the purposes why you are installing it, the location you are installing it, and the type you are able to afford.
So consider these factors and make a good choice.


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As technology continues to evolve gadgets such as CCTV cameras helps to ensure security. CCTV cameras are very important. Theft can be minimized or prevented by simply installing a CCTV camera.
Please be informed, that CCTV cameras can also be installed for wrong purposes, bad guys can install CCTV cameras at ATM points to steal information like ATM pins. So, just
beware of being under the surveillance or a “wrong” CCTV camera. I hope you enjoyed this
article, and I believe you’ve learned a good deal about CCTV. Thanks for reading.


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