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We are a group of people who are very interested in the electronics technology, we are very familiar with the electronics marketplaces in Shenzhen China, we speak the local language and English very well, we help you communicate with the vendors efficiently.

When you have a local guide around you, you get better deal with the suppliers, when the suppliers know that you have a local guy to represent you in China, they feel much confident in you and will give you much better prices, some tourist foreigners might complain that they get ripped off because they don’t have a guide with them. Also when you have a local guide to represent you, the vendors will not give you the product with bad quality, because they know that if there is any quality problem, you have some one behind you.

We can also guide you to the wholesale markets, not the retail market where the retailers try to sell you with the retail prices.

As the market places are so big, and there are so many vendors and buildings to go to, you might get lost easily. To be more efficient, hiring a guide will save you a lot of time also.

After you leave Shenzhen, we can also represent you for any quality or communication problem, we can also do drop ship for you too, just tell me what/where you want to buy, we  can easily do drop ship for you. If you like any of the booth, any product, please take a picture of the item, a picture of the vendor’s business card, we will go to the booth and buy the item with the price you like.


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  1. > I need good price!!!!!!:
    > 1.Touch Panel Separator- max 500$
    > 2.Manual OCA Laminator max 300$
    > 3.Single Stage Rigid to Rigid Vacuum Laminator- max 4000$
    > 4.vacuum elimination and final lamination- max 1000$
    > Plz good price for me
    > Alex

  2. Hello,

    I’m reaching out to you because i would like a quote on a couple of iPhone LCD refurbish machines. I’m interested in the following (4) machines: (1) LCD separating machine (2) soft to rigid machine-to apply OCA (3) Rigid to Rigid machine-lamina tor (4) Autoclave machine.
    If you can respond to this inquiry asap, it will be much appreciated.


  3. Bonjour.
    I have a Huawei G-stick ref EC177 got in China and would like to use it also here in Europe.
    Can you help me to unsimlock it ?
    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards

  4. Would you please inform me “the address” of electronic parts such as Semiconductor, battery etc that I can visit in Shenzhen.
    Thank you for your cooperation .

    • The best way to do this is that you come to Shenzhen and hire me as a guide and interpreter on a daily basis, and I will take you to see some of these machine manufacturers, and if you decide to buy, you need to get a couple days training on how to install and use the machines.

        • I am sorry I did not come to see the comment very often, but can you send me an email and let me know what exactly we can help you.

  5. If you would like to purchase the machines, it is better if you come to Shenzhen to get some training on how to use the machines, otherwise you might break the machines.

  6. Sir,

    We can offer as follows:
    iPhone 4 and 4S = Crack screen $15, Bad LCD $30
    iPhone 4 mix $75
    iPhone 4S att $165
    iPhone 4S CDMA $150

    iPhone 5, 5S and 5C = Crack screen $35 Bad LCD $60
    Spot LCD $40
    iPhone 5 att $295
    iPhone 5 verizon $359
    iPhone 5 sprint $240
    iPhone 5 Tmobile $260

    Waiting to hear from you soon,



  7. I am a photographer who will be traveling to Shenzehn in Nov. and will taking my flash unites and i want to purchase a step down transformer, 220V to 110V high wattage. are they easy to find? I appreciate your assitance, and may look to hire you to guid me while there, I am staying at Westin Hotel.

  8. Can you send me the contact information for yourself. I would like to meet with you to discuss my needs.



  9. Hello there,
    I’ve sent you the email to inquire about mobile spare parts(samsung,nokia,apple), their prices as well as discount on bulk orders but didn’t get any response. Could you please provide me your contact details that I can talk to you. We need to take a decision in the coming few days so it’s really very important that I receive this information as soon as possible
    ——-Awaiting reply.

  10. Good day I wish. Please tell me the tablet Sim Aran s7 your production? if Yes. I beg You tell me the link where can I download the firmware. So I can flash the tablet. Thanks in advance. Your friend from Russia.

  11. Good evening Dear I would like to tell you that I wanted to buy two screens Samsung high specification and one the size of 75 inches and the other 65 inches with shipping to the regions in Saudi Arabia that the amount is paid after delivery And you Sincerely


  12. Hello
    I am recycling Israel company
    we have evry month used LCD boards cellphones
    I am loking for buers
    thank you

  13. To whom it may concern

    Hi, My name is Incheol Nam from South Korea. Company name is PARCEL-e
    Our homepage is http://www.parcel-e.co.kr
    We contact you after seeing your products at Aliexpress. ​​
    We would like to know how if you can supply us as B2B.
    Monthly order volume will be more than 3,000 pieces and it is important whether it is continuous supply.

    And I would like to confirm the possible supply method of the two.

    1. Only the outer case (including battery terminal.)

    2. Can you supply it include a schematic that we design?

    3. Please let us know roughly the price of 3000 pieces per month for the two options.

    ​I am waiting for the answer to this question.
    Thank you.


    Incheol Nam


  14. Hi, My name is INCHEOL NAM from the company ‘PARCEL-e’ in South Korea. I’m in purchasing team. So I would like to know how to do B2B with your company. I need contact of your person in charge. I’m looking to hearing from you. thank you.

  15. Hello Sir:
    I am amateur radio operator.
    I am looking for a place to get repair parts.
    Please reply. Thank you.

  16. Dear Brian

    We are a Nigerian Tablets repair shop and looking for the spare parts of – ZTE Tablet E7LS and Huawei Tablet TI-701.

    Kindly send us your prices for batteries, complete screens, touch pad, batteries and charging ports.

    The number of the screen is 287
    Best Regards,
    David O. Roberts
    CeBIT Park Ltd
    Rc: 708166
    Office : 6A Sule Abuka Crescent , Off Opebi Road , Ikeja, Lagos .
    Warehouse : 3 Gold House, 18 Folarin Gbadebo Avenue , Ijaiye-Ojokoro, Lagos
    DL : (+234) 701 933 7774 | Mobile : (+234) 803 307 9894 | (+234) 805 963 3144
    Email david.roberts@cebitpark.com
    Website : http://www.cebitpark.com